'Princess, Private #14' could not capture my interest. I think it's because it's just more of the same: big case, Morgan steps in, someone good dies, someone bad dies. Ho hum. I'd rather read a 'Jonathan Graves' novel by John Gilstrap or a 'Charlie Parker' novel by John Connolly with similar attributes but much, much more depth.

Somewhere along the line I missed at least two 'Private' novels, one of which evidently was the precursor to 'Princess' and is constantly referenced in it. Again, ho hum. In the past I would have immediately read the two I missed to see what I missed.

I also think think the writing style differences between Patterson and Jones are very clear: instead of merging seamlessly, it's quite easy to see when they've each taken over the narrative.

I counted: I've read 38 books written soley by James Patterson and another 87 books he co-authored with 24 other writers (none of whom are nor ever will be Bill Clinton). I've learned that I rarely take away anything from a Patterson book anymore. It's a quick read, it's done and I move on. No great quotes, even fewer great 'lessons', nothing to ponder. I realize his books are all about entertainment, but they have become too many, too formulaic and a bit cheap. There are just so many great books waiting for me to read, I'm not sure I want to waste any more more time with Patterson. That being said, I will still read the 'Michael Bennett' series. I'm on the fence with the 'Women's Murder Club' and barely hanging on to that fence with 'Alex Cross'. On the other hand, his gentle books, such as Suzanne’s Diary for Nicholas are greatly missed. To quote a recent ex-president, “I do think at a certain point you’ve made enough money”, so, Mr Patterson, instead of spreading yourself so thin, churning out novels like popcorn kernels in hot oil with dozens of co-authors, perhaps it's time to go back to focusing on a few really good stories of your own.

3 stars for Princess, lowest C- possible.

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