Virgil Flowers does it again. What's not to love about this .... unconventional Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension agent? His cases are always a bit odd, but I think the apparition set up of Holy Ghost was odder than most. You can't help but like most everyone in the town of Wheatfield, as John Sanford certainly makes Minnesotans the people you want as neighbors.

Virgil does things his way. I believe he subscribes to adage that "It's easier to ask forgiveness than it is to get permission.". Virgil goes his own way but in Holy Ghost he neither went fishing nor womanizing, not even mentally! Perhaps that's why he's a bit discombobulated solving the twists and turns of this mystery. Also, while he did a bit of private philosophizing, he didn't give us his typical insights, memories and version of religion and God.

I miss Lucas Davenport (especially the young Lucas) but I await the next outing with Virgil ... and I wish Sanford would bring back Kidd!

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